Chorlton Crawl

Chorlton-cum-Hardy or simply Chorlton, if you’re local, is a little suburb of Manchester lying some 4 miles southwest of the city centre. With a population of around 14,000, it’s a mix of yuppies (de rigueur MacBook), students (de rigueur cycles) and a large housing estate at the Chorlton Green end of town.

There’s a London vibe to it-it’s busy in the week-and there are plenty of delis as well as a plethora of (mainly) bars and pubs. Beer isn’t cheap; expect to pay £3.20 a pint, but it’s the unusual high concentration of real ale that attracts many drinkers to make the trip out of town.
The Metrolink has recently started running through Chorlton making it even easier to get to and enabling you to avoid the waccy-baccy smokers who seem to populate the buses through Moss Side. With this convenience in mind, I undertook a crawl of CUH yesterday with the redoubtable Tandleman.
First stop was Oddest. They usually have a good selection on here and it just so happens to be nearest to the tram stop. We weren’t disappointed and soon were tucking into Mallinsons Citra. Of course, one is never enough. We also tried Red Willow Macclesfield Bitter and found it to be a quite pleasant golden session beer.
It all went drunkenly downhill from there as is the wont when Tandleman is involved. Highlights include discovering a Grafton beer on in Escape and practically sitting on the floor as we lounged in Parlour. We also paid a nostalgic trip to the Beech and sat in the window where Mr T used to sit when he lived in the area. A blue plaque will no doubt follow shortly.

Across the road, the Horse and Jockey offered us two delights. Not only was Dark Star American Pale available but Tanders, genetically bred to spot a bargain from 50 metres, saw the chance to buy bottles of Flying Dog Raging Bitch for the knock down price of £2.25. Sadly, they’re not as daft as they look round there, and our joy was limited to the one bottle. Still it set us up nicely for the crawl back to the station.


Tandleman said…
I particularly enjoyed the Parlour as a place. Thanks for solving the Laughing Gravy mystery.
Phil said…
Interesting, but what did you make of the Marble Beerhouse, Electrik, Dulcimer, Pi, the Hillary Step and the Sledge? (Can you have too many good pubs & bars? Chorlton intends to find out.)

Actually I'd be really interested to know what Tand made of the Beech. It's fallen on hard times since the 80s - it's actually closed twice - but under the current management I think it's back on its feet.
Tyson said…
I've been going to Chorlton for nearly 25 years and have watced its rise with interest. I don't think you can have too many bars-not good ones anyway.

I'll let Tanders give his view on the Beech, but I agree with you. We didn't bother with the Marble this time, but the quality is usually high in there. I find Dulcimer often unbalanced in terms of its beer selection. Something Electrik was also guilty of on this occasion.

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