The One Stop No Shop

As regular readers (and there are some) will know, one of my pet hates is the overzealous shop assistant who demands proof of age when all sense and logic dictates there is no need. Several cases have been highlighted on this blog, but the latest example is a real doozy.

Diane Taylor wanted to buy her son a bottle of whisky. So she popped into a local One Stop Shop to do so. However, she was refused the sale on the grounds that she couldn’t produce any photo ID as proof of age. Considering the great-grandmother is-and I hope she won’t mind me saying this-no longer in the first flush of youth; this is somewhat of a farce.

Mrs Taylor is in fact 92. Yes, 92. And, despite producing a blood donor card and her bus pass, the witless zombie of an assistant refused to budge. As she herself put it later:”No one can convince me that I look under 25-I’ll only take 78 at a push”.

A One Stop Shop spokesman later apologised, but said staff cannot sell alcohol without seeing proof of age. What? If a 92 year great-grandmother standing in front of you isn’t proof of age, then I don’t know what is.

And what was the outcome of all this? Mrs Taylor simply went and bought her bottle elsewhere. Well done One Stop Shop. I hereby award you the title of Jobsworth of the Week.


RedNev said…
I'm surprised they didn't ask for a note from her parents!

I never carry proof of age. In fact, I don't own anything with my age on, apart from my birth certificate and I've no idea where that is.
Curmudgeon said…
It would appear that in this case the shop had a history of underage selling and had been made to accept a licence condition that all alcohol sales required proof of age.

So it is the local council being stupid jobsworths, not the shop being overzealous.

And, of course, the result of such a policy is that most of its drink customers will be under-25s, as they are the only ones who routinely carry the necessary ID.
Penny said…
Surely it's not the council being "jobsworth" but the person enforcing the rules so zealously?

So the real jobsworth here is really the sales assistant who should have used more discretion.

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