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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bury Beer Festival

This weekend saw the third annual Bury Beer Festival hosted by the Met. This year’s format saw the main hall divided between individual exhibitors-local brewers and the Shoulder of Mutton pub, whilst the other beers were shared amongst the Met’s various internal bars.

All in all there were about 100 beers, ciders, and perries. The main hall was the centre of much early attention as it was the first opportunity for many people to sample the wares of Bury’s latest brewery, Brightside. They had a new beer, the Beast (3.8%) on show, as did Outstanding with the aptly named Selling Out.

Elsewhere, Leyden caused a stir by having a beer, Brewer’s Gold, which was adjudged to be actually ok, and Greenmill didn’t disappoint by being disappointing. The best newcomer was undoubtedly Nook Blonde (4.5%) brewed by the Nook Brewhouse in Holmfirth. It was a zesty English style wheat beer with a citrus twist.

Overall, though, the micro brewers were put in the shade by the likes of Adnams and Dark Star. And it’s hard to see past Oakham Citra, despite being served by gravity, as beer of the festival. However, the Jessica Jane-Clement prize must go to Dunham Massey for their 6% IPA which tasted like it was knocked up in a garden shed using a Shepherd Neame recipe.


RedNev said...

I worked at that festival for many years when it was CAMRA run. How does the present festival compare to the CAMRA version?

Tyson said...


From an organisational perspective, it's quite different. The main hall is basically sublet to paying exhibitors who are responsible for setting up and running their own bars. With the Met running it, they have full access to all their facilities-hence being able to spread the festival out over two floors.

This style of organisation also means that they can afford to offer more beers than we could and they're not as strict on crowd limits. They also use a token system and have music at all sessions. The main talking point was the £4 Sat afternoon entry price which many deemed expensive.

Tandleman said...

How was the Saturday daytime attendance given what you said about the 4 quid?

Tyson said...

I wasn't at the afternoon session, but talking to people later, they seemed to think it was quieter in the main hall. However, with people able to use the downstairs, it's hard to judge overall numbers.

Mark said...

I certainly wasn't prepared to pay £4 for entry when there are two perfectly good wetherspoons close by.

Anonymous said...

I was there Saturday afternoon - it seemed pretty busy and a really nice atmosphere. Brilliant selection of beers. Congratulations to those involved.

Anonymous said...

Why was there no foreign beer?

gary mason said...

It's a good job there was seating downstairs as it was the only place you could get away from all that intrusive music.Apart from that it was pretty good.

Adam said...

It's worth noting it was £2 admission for CAMRA members on Saturday.

Mark said...

Yes but most of us aren't Camra members.

Tandleman said...

Four quid for you then.