Saltaire & Shipley

Saltaire is a part of Shipley in West Yorkshire and is famous for its model village that is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s named after mill owner Sir Titus Salt, whose former mill complex is now home to a large David Hockney collection. I’ve been and it’s very nice, but today the mention of Saltaire brings up thoughts of beer (frankly, most things do) and Saltaire Brewery.

The brewery was founded in 2005 and has produced a wide range of award-winning beers including their Triple Chocolate and, one of my favourites, South Island Pale. Intriguingly located in a Victorian building that once housed the generators for the Shipley trams, it’s been on the Tyson visit wish list for awhile.

The brewhouse is a 20 barrel affair and has a mezzanine bar that was soon full of thirsty punters. It was a record attendance-nearly 40-and included most, if not all, of the usual suspects: The Whitefield Holts Bandit, Pythagoras, Archimedes, Uncle Albert, the Wallsend Wonder, Jan & Dean, and even Moaning Myrtle-for a short time. All watched over by the timekeeper’s timekeeper, Stopwatch Sid.

A grand drinking session followed with all the beers tried being in excellent condition. This is not surprising as owner and head brewer Tony Gartland is passionate about beer and clearly knows his stuff. Certainly his brewery talk had enough meat on it to keep us professional brewery visitors entertained. Oh, and he’s a sparkler advocate, so you sparkler denialists can blow one off.

It was difficult to leave the brewery. Top notch beer served at only £2 a pint? Slightly embarrassing for some breweries nearer home that charge considerably more for considerably less satisfying beer. But Shipley itself has quite a bit to offer with several GBG pubs in the area. So after thanking Tony and his staff, take our leave we did.

Then followed a leisurely crawl from the Junction (not so good JHB) to the Shipley Pride (Salamander) and the Victoria, where I enjoyed some excellent Castle Rock. Of course, the famous Fannys was visited (Phoenix) where the barmaids won the award for best of the day. Ask Beth nicely and she may show you her tattoo.

It was then back to the Shipley to stock up on Acorn Blonde before our chauffeur driven transport whisked us away. A pint or more was then had in Idle before we had to finally say goodbye to Yorkshire. After a long and winding trip back to Bury, a hardy few staggered into the Art to finish the night, and themselves, off.

Thanks to Tony & crew for the beer and grub, and for a very enjoyable visit.


Anonymous said…
Excellent. You certainly soaked up all Saltaire and Shipley have to offer. Next time you are this way and need a couple of bottles for the journey home, I can recommend Saltaire Wines (Gordon Terrace, Saltaire)...they have 500+ bottles to choose from.
Bailey said…
Not yet had a bad Saltaire beer and their's are among the most successful experiments with fruit I've tasted.

I don't know how you "professional brewery visitors" do it. I've been on two brewery tours and I was bored to tears by the middle of the second one. Highlight was seeing a Panda Pop machine near the bottling line. (Admittedly, both were pretty staid breweries. One was so staid I can't even remember its name.)

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