Breakfast Beer Tasting: Brewdog Hops Kill Nazis

Basics: It’s 7.8%. That’s it. No other information is given. I did have this on draught several months ago, but a lot of piss has washed down the urinals since then, so I only have a vague memory of it.

It poured deep amber with low carbonation and a large beige head. The aroma was pungent: floral, spiced and citrus hops.

Silky smooth in body, it belies its strength. Completely unbalanced, hop aficionados will have no trouble picking out Chinook and Centennial as they are there in bucketloads. A sliver of malt tantalises you before the hops batter your tongue into submission. It's like 5am Saint on acid.

Finish: Long and bitter. Leaves you panting for more.

Conclusion: Do hops kill Nazis? Damn freakin’ right they do.


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