Breakfasst Beer Tasting: De Dolle Oerbier

I found this oddity stuffed down the sofa this morning. Was it intended as a late Sunday post-pub nightcap? Was the pleasure deferred and replaced with whisky and pizza? With the memory hazy, it’s a mystery that only Ironside could solve.

Oerbier means original and De Dolle Brouwers are based in Esen. That’s the small village of Esen in Belgium and not Essen the city in Germany. Of course, Essen is famous, amongst other things, for the heavy damage done by Allied bombing in WW11 and for the notorious murder of 3 British airmen by civilians in 1944. For which Hauptmann Heyer and Johann Braschoss were sentenced to hang. But I digress.

This 33cl bottle is 9% and is unfiltered and unpasteurised. It was very lively and poured a murky red/brown with a very large beige head. The aroma was dark fruits-cherries and plums with a slight yeast tone. The beer itself is very vinous and more of the slow, warming type than refreshing and sessionable.

Flavour wise; you’ve got what was hinted at in the aroma and more. The alcohol is noticeable, but is offset by the cherry, strawberry and raisin/sweet malt flavours. These are followed by a quite severe tartness-apparently due to lactobacterial fermentation, which carries through to the finish.

Quite a complex beer that will reward the serious drinker. But probably better suited to sitting round the fire with than trying to bring yourself round with on Monday morning.


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