London Review: Duchess of Cambridge

This is on the corner of Goldhawk Road which is somewhat out of central London and is the sister pub of the Bree Louise. Now the Bree tends to divide opinion; while some people warm to its esoteric charm, others won’t enter the place without a fumigation suit. The DOC is very different to its sister pub in some ways, but similar enough in others to keep most people happy.

Split into two areas, the first thing you notice on entering here is that you aren’t in Euston anymore. Gone are the sticky carpets and basic furniture. Instead you have sofas and booths and an open fire. Very nice. The menu went untried but, in keeping with the area, the quality looked a cut above the Bree. What did go down well were the monster pork scratchings which were a talking point in themselves.

Now I’ve always found the service good in the Bree and so it proved in the DOC. The staff were friendly and helpful and proactive in asking if you wanted the CAMRA discount. Beer wise, there is a choice of 15 real ales. Although, I do feel they are missing a trick by serving only 6 of those via handpull. Appleaheads are also catered for with 9 draught ciders and there is a good whisky list.

Overall a very welcome addition to the London scene and with plans for them to start brewing shortly, another visit cannot be far off.

Pro: No sticky carpets. Good service.
Con: 15 beers, but nothing light and hoppy


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