London Review: Tap East

This is a newish (open 4 months, I think) bar based in the Westfield Shopping City retail outlet. Getting there is great fun. You just hop on the high speed train from Kings Cross/St Pancras and 143kph and 9km later, you’re in Stratford. Meaning that, within 10 minutes, you can go from supping in the John Betjeman to supping in Tap East. No valuable drinking time wasted.

Again it’s very contemporary and reminds one of an American brewpub. But much smaller; it doesn’t take many people to fill it. Interestingly there is no partition between the pub and the rest of the shopping centre which is slightly surreal, but fun.

Beer wise, there are six handpumps serving a mixture of their own beers and guests. Both of their own beers I tried were very good. The John Edwin Bitter was crisp and dry with a sharp bitter edge. The IPA was just what you would hope from a classic IPA and had plenty of hop bite. Quality here certainly isn’t an issue. If the cask doesn’t float your boat, then there are nine kegs and various bottles to keep you occupied.
Pro: Easy access. Quality beers and quality staff.
Con: Drafty when the door opens. Fake Ploughmans.


Rabidbarfly said…
Thanks for the nice words about our beer, is a'real ploughmans'?
Tyson said…
One without a pork pie. Obviously:)
Rabidbarfly said…
suvvern ploffmans innit! Besides we, also sell pork pies!
RedNev said…
I remember a cartoon showing a man complaining about his lunch to the pub landlord, who replies: "But all the ploughmen around here eat beans on toast!"

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