No Sale?

Every year pub chain Wetherspoons holds its January Sale. Cleverly conceived to match the post Christmas sales period, it’s gathered some notable publicity over the years. Who can forget the furore over their 99p a pint promotion? Certainly judging by the comments on social media sites, there are significant numbers of people who can’t wait for it.

However, all is not well in Spoons sale land this month. My first clue was meeting a disgruntled early morning customer who left the staff with this parting shot: “Call this a facking sale! I’m facking off to the Peel!”* The problem, judging by web reaction, is the lack of sale items compared to previous years.

In its promotional material for the sale, Spoons have made much of the fact that they are selling drinks at 1992 prices. And indeed, you can get a pint of Ruddles or a bottle of Becks for £1.29 And Carling is £1.99.  But that’s your lot. Apart from coffee at 79p a cup. No wine or spirits offer and, in what seems to be the main rub, no discounted food deals.

Times are tough and it appears Wetherspoons are not above tightening their own corporate belt. Or is it simply, as some have opinioned, that some punters have become too greedy and that they should be grateful for what’s on offer. We are, after all, all in this together.

Meanwhile, Tim Martin has split opinion by rolling out Veto Ale to all Spoons pubs. Usually a master of populism, the jury is still out whether this is a step tto far.

*I fear this digruntled gentleman was in for something of a disappointment. The Peel is the other Wetherspoons in the town centre and offers the same products at the same price.


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