Breakfast Beer Tasting: Marble Ginger 6

Last night I was told I should get “gingered up”. I don’t know whether that’s the reason or is it simply too much Chris Evans, but I’ve decided to kick the weekend off with some ginger Marble. Not any ginger, mind you. This is a turbocharged version of their 4.5% regular ginger beer.

The bottle is 500ml and the product is organic and bottle-conditioned. It was quite lively and despite careful pouring, it came out a hazy amber with a medium off-white head. The aroma was moderate levels of ginger; not unappealing, but not as pronounced as I would have guessed.

The body was quite heavy and left you in no doubt that you were drinking a beer with a certain gravitas. There was an initial blast of moderate ginger bitterness on the tongue which followed through in the aftertaste. However, the aggressive expected ginger assault never materialised. I was rather left with the impression that this was a 6% beer that just happened to have ginger added.

I’m not entirely sure who this beer is aimed at. Without the ginger element, it would just be a standard stronger beer. But the ginger element is too restrained at this strength to appeal to the hardcore ginger lover. If you feel like getting gingered up at breakfast, I would suggest sticking to Marble’s superior weaker brew.


RedNev said…
If ever I feel like getting gingered at breakfast, I think I'd prefer ginger marmalade!

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