Can I Have toast with that?

As someone who likes a large breakfast-it’s the only meal allowed in a day’s drinking-I have to take my hat off to Robert Pinto who has taken this activity to record-breaking levels. The, somewhat surprisingly, thin 39-year-old seems to love nothing better than to take on gut-busting early morning challenges.

He first came to national prominence in November 2011 when he entered the Guinness Book of Records for demolishing what was, at that time, the largest commercially available English breakfast in the UK. This was a 6lb 7oz whopper at Mario’s Cafe Bar in Westhoughton, Bolton. And having seen it and heard the tales of gallant failure, I doubted it could be done. However, Mr Pinto took only 8 minutes and 46 seconds to prove the doubters wrong and earn his place in history.

For his latest challenge, he travelled 125 miles to Jesters Diner in Southtown, Great Yarmouth for their controversial 9Ib Kidz Breakfast. Controversial as it’s described as a “heart attack on a plate” and there have been calls for it to be banned. Prof David Haslam, from the National Obesity Forum, warned that eating the 6000 calorie meal was “dangerous” and “profoundly wrong”. Furthermore “it is possible someone could die after eating the meal in a single sitting”, but did add that it was 'very unlikely'.

The giant meal actual consists of 12 bacon rashers, 12 sausages, six eggs, four slices of black pudding, four slices of bread and butter, four slices of toast, four slices of fried bread, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, and sauté potatoes. Not to mention an eight egg cheese and potato omelette. To put it in some perspective, it is the calorific equivalent of two Christmas dinners or 12 Big Macs.

When he first saw it, Mr Pinto admitted to thinking "that looks pretty big" and that he didn't know where to start. However, he does have a system: he uses the bread to make little sandwiches filled with the other ingredients and that helps it go down easier. Using this method and sheer British determination, he managed to polish the lot off in 26 minutes; 34 minutes less than the allowed time.

Afterwards he admitted it had been his toughest challenge yet and to being “pretty full”. Proving he is human after all, he also admitted that such activities do take a toll in the bathroom afterwards and that “it can be quite painful”. However, he shook Monday’s excesses off with a five mile run, followed by a swim at the local gym. After all, as he said, you have to keep healthy.


RedNev said…
Which beer did he match with that?

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