Happy Birthday PSBH

Port Street Beer House is celebrating its first birthday today. Is it really a year ago that we were all cooing and arrghing over what was to become Manchester’s premier beer destination? Well it actually opened on the 27th January 2011, but hey, what are a few days between friends.

Tonight’s official celebration is open to one and all and we are promised the launch of a rather special beer called 'Anniversary'. As it’s a collaboration between Summer Wine, Red Willow, Quantum, Darkstar, Magic Rock and Port Street Beer House (!); it does indeed promise to be something rather special.

However, if you can’t make it tonight, there are plenty of other excellent beers to try over the next couple of days. Last night saw the launch of Venus Gold. You can read about its genesis here but suffice it to say that this was simply stunning. A 3.8% that was beautifully aromatic and packed so full of Stella and Galaxy hops that it left drinkers gasping for more. A gallon barely did it justice. Get it while you can.

One beer that didn’t last the night was Nøgne Ø IPA. This was my first chance to sample this 7.5% on draught and I was mightily impressed. Plenty of Cascade and Chinook hops, but perfectly blended with a firm malt base to give it real substance. However, the 9.3% cask Thornbridge Bracia was heavy going and quite disappointing for me. Much better was my old friend Sierra Nevada Torpedo and even better than that was the (double) nightcap (a pint again, really?) of Gadds West Coast IPA which really hit home.

Happy Birthday PSBH. Here's to year two.


Barry said…
Is this more evidence of a decline with Thornbridge? Certainly the standard of Jaipur has slipped in recent times and they seem to be more focused on gimmicks like Bracia rather than their core range.

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