Ramsbottom Beer Festival (2)

Well the tables and chairs are empty, and the glasses packed away. And the results of the festival are:
The Good
(1) A good venue with a separate room for escape from the music. All beers were served by handpump and sparkler. As God intended.
(2) Allgates & Acorn beers
(3) Lots of money raised for the RNLI

The Bad:
(1) No cooling for the beers: opening the windows does not count.
(2) The quality of the Tandleman sound-alike competition: think more Taggart and less Sean Connery.

The Ugly
(1) Black Edge Pike: homebrew.
(2) Potbelly Pigs Do Fly: homebrew made with dough balls.


Thomas said…
Hi I would like to object to the above negative points I had a really good time and it was more a social event and the beer was at a cool temp and I really did like the atmosphere in the festival and I can't wait for the next one
Tyson said…
I also had a good time, but that doesn't alter the laws of physics: beer will only get warner, not cooler.
Sue said…
Overall a good event - I should think it will happen again on that showing. The Allgates Summit was spectacular. The bacon butties were excellent. The local pubs and bars benefitted from the extra custom. I liked both the Black Edge beers. The staff were keen, pleasant and helpful but need to pay more attention to not leaving areas of the bar without service.
Did not go to the festival.However,it was their first pal.And I am sure they will take the negative points on board.
Anonymous said…
The windows were open because the room was hot due to all the people in there, nothing to do with the beer.

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