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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Trouble at the Tubs?

The Two Tubs; the Thwaites flagship pub in Bury town centre seems to be in trouble. It’s currently closed with notices proclaiming “Closed for refurbishment. Open Friday” in the windows. Which has come as something as a surprise to those of us who went in only last Friday after their last closure for “refurbishment”.

There wasn’t any evidence of a refurbishment then and I’m not holding my breath this time, either. Why? Well there’s a story doing the rounds that the real reason for the closures was that the police had information that there was going to be a serious public order offence committed there and that they intervened to prevent it.

The Tubs has been making real progress in terms of beer quality in recent times, but it does have something of a reputation for attracting Wetherspoons rejects and late night slappers. Hopefully, there will be a painters and decorators van outside shortly-Bury needs all the real ale outlets it can get. In the meantime, watch this space.


Brew Wales said...

So the rozzers closed the pub over a 'possibility' of a crime being committed in the future?
Have the Bury rozzers been watching Minority Report?

RedNev said...

I know the Two Tubs; I hope it's not at risk of losing its licence. I'll be in that area on the 23rd to see a band at the Met, so I'll have a look then.

Tandleman said...

RedNev - Tyson will be able to recommend you a slapper no doubt.

RedNev said...

My joy will be unconfined.