Breakfast Beer Tasting: Brewdog Abstrakt 08

This is a deconstructed blonde imperial Stout. It’s also very difficult to open. Or so it was for me this morning. A bloody stupid wire cage cork release failed to work; you can stick that where the monkeys keep their nuts. But perseverance with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers finally paid dividends.

It’s bottle-conditioned and is no 2516 out of 7902. It’s also a hefty 11.8%, so I took two slices of toast with it. It poured amber-yes, amber-not blonde or golden as perhaps you might expect. Or is deconstructed blonde simply another name for amber? Answers on a carrier pigeon to Brewdog.
There was medium carbonation and a small off-white head. Not much in the aroma, but slight traces of roast malt and sourdough. Mouthfeel was quite viscous and definitely warming. You could feel a spicy heat on the inside of your cheeks. Otherwise, there was a sweetness-honey, perhaps, and plenty of caramel and dried fruits.
The finish was a little syrupy and unsatisfying. Sad to say, I didn’t ‘get’ this beer at all. Seems a bit of a mess, frankly, and has all the hallmarks of another failed Brewdog experiment.


Steve Lamond said…
It was excellent on draught, but in bottle seemed slightly too boozy to me. I don't think it failed at all as it has the stout flavours and mouthfeel just with pale malt. Best way is to close your eyes when you drink it and see if your mouth thinks its a stout.
Steve Lamond said…
PS your comment box has lost its subscribe function
Tandleman said…
Steve - I think blogger has changed something and I don't know how to get it back. (You said the same to me)
Tyson said…
Well it failed for me. Ultimately, I look at whether I would want it again? And, in this case, the answer is no. Having the characteristics of Stout just isn’t enough for me when it should be delivering so much more. Just my take, naturally.

As for Blogger, it’s as TM said. There are a lot of annoyed Bloggers out there, but Blogger seems not to care.

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