Breakfast Beer Tasting: Mooi & Meedogenloos

I thought I’d go a bit continental to begin the long weekend. So it’s a croissant and a foreign beer for breakfast this morning. And what better than De Molen Mooi & Meedogenloos: that’s beautiful and ruthless to those of us that don’t speak Dutch.
It’s a 33cl bottle and tips the scales at 10.2%. Interestingly, the bottle also tells me that the beer was brewed on 24th March 2011 and that it will keep for five years. Not in the Tyson house, it won’t. It also suggests a serving temperature of 15C. Now that might be ok in London, but I served it at 13C which is more than warm enough in my book.

It was extraordinarily lively, but finally settled down to a very dark, almost black, brown hue with a large, tan head. The aroma was a good mix of caramel, dark chocolate and dried fruits. Taste wise, it had lots of sweet malt, coffee and dried-figs?-fruit.

The high alcohol content was quite well hidden, with the hops content just high enough to offset the sweetness. There was a touch of spice that lingered in the aftertaste. Overall, quite a tasty little number, particularly given its strength.


Meer For Beer said…
I have found all their beers to be very lively. Drank one beer in the Euston Tap with one finger from stopping the thing from pouring itself from the bottle in a foamy mass.

Nice beer but the liviness is annoying when you consider the cost of the things.
Sounds a delicious beer.However,did you have it at breakfast time?!
Tyson said…

Indeed, when else?!


Interesting. So it wasn't just a dodgy bottle and yes, for that price, I prefer my beer stay in the bottle:)

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