Champagne Charlie Alex

I love a good story of a mega-boozy, mega-expensive blowout. I also love a story that illustrates how we are all in it together. Politics and alcohol-what’s not to like? So step forward Alex Hope and join the illustrious ranks of your fellow bar tab heroes.

Now Alex, in keeping with the modern era, isn’t your old type of garden variety celebrity. These days you wouldn’t find the likes of Katie Price splashing the cash on very expensive rounds of drinks. Whether they are just too tight or simply do it behind closed doors, I know not. No, the most modern of celebrities, is of course, the “City whizzkid”.

Now I had never heard of Alex before, and I’m still not sure exactly what he does, but fair play to the lad. At only 23, he’s enjoying a cushy number in the bullshit capital of the world-the City of London-and getting paid a shedload for it. And he’s not afraid to spend it. Hence his big night out at the Playboy Club in Liverpool.

The Playboy Club is in the Hilton Hotel and seems to be the kind of swanky place that footballers, bankers and the elite of the bloggerati like to hang out in. Even so, the bar bill of Mr Hope raised a few eyebrows. In a three hour binge, he racked up a tab of £203,948,80. This included the world largest bottle (Midas) of Ace of Spades champagne. Coming in a neat 30 litre bottle, it seems a bargain at £125,000.

His guests also seem to have liked the bubbly stuff as well. He forked out £24,000 for a Met bottle of Ace of Spades, £9000 for two Bruts and for 40 standard bottles at £500 a pop. If you’re going to have a night on the champers, have it large, as my old granny used to say. All I can hope is that the staff got their fair share of the service charge. For, at £18,540, it should mean a good tip.

And, if Alex is reading this, I appreciate my invite must have got lost in the post, but, hey, don’t forget we're both on Twitter.


Tandleman said…
You get quite a lot of pussy for £126. Still I suppose when you've paid that much, its scant compensation.
Cooking Lager said…
An obvious discerning appreciator of fine wine, unlike those that ask the price.

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