Hare & Hounds Beer Festival

This week sees the launch of the first of three beer festivals planned for this year at the Hare & Hounds in Holcombe Brook. As these are not only the biggest pub festivals held in the country, but some of the largest beer festivals per se, they naturally draw a lot of attention.

The beer list has now been made public and you can expect some 220 beers and around 15 ciders and perries. All the beer will be served via handpump in the pub-no beer tents here-and we are under starting orders on Thursday. The festival will run until Sunday April 1st or until I manage to drink it dry.

The Hare & Hounds is open all day and can easily be reached using the 472/474 bus from Bury interchange.


Anonymous said…
Funny, no Irwell Works. It's the best brewery in the area by a long chalk.
Anonymous said…
Probably because Irwell Works have their own brewery tap up the road.
Will be visiting pal at some stage.No excuses not to support this fine festival.
Anonymous said…
More likely because Irwell Works can't brew for toffee.
Cooking Lager said…
It's a pub one is it? Free to get in and serving cellar temp beer kept well and not the warm vinegary muck CAMRA expect people to pay an entrance fee for?
Tyson said…
It is indeed, Cookie. No problem getting a seat, either, unlike a lot of festivals.

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