Will Zest beat the rest?

I’ll tell you what I want. What I really, really want. Yes, it’s here. The wait is over. Curtail your excessive squeals of bliss. Whoa, hold on, old-timer, what are you on about? I’m talking about the event of the year; bigger than the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics combined. Molson Coors have finally unveiled their female friendly, post-modern, version of Carling.

Sadly, despite much speculation back in January, they have opted not to use any of this blog’s excellent suggestions for naming the new beer. Instead they have gone for Carling Zest. This will be a limited edition version of Carling that will be available for sale between March and September.

And although it’s meant to be female friendly, Coors are keen to stress that the 2.8% brew will also tickle the male palate. Described as having a “clear, fresh taste and a twist of citrus,” they believe that “Carling Zest is a perfect beer to enjoy with friends in the sun.”

Initially Zest will only be available in bottles, but the big push will come in May when it arrives on draught. To coincide with that, Coors will support the brand with a £1.9M advertising campaign. It seems they are aiming to tap into the summer drinks market of cider and rosé drinkers.

Of course, we have been in these waters before. Animee seems to be on permanent discount in Morrisons and Carlsberg’s offerings seem to sink faster than the Titanic. However, Coors see this is a much bigger venture and do become the first big brewer to launch a new 2.8% beer under an existing major brand name. Whether this will be of great commercial advantage, we will have to wait and see.


Curmudgeon said…
Sounds a bit like making love in a punt to me ;-)
Cooking Lager said…
They seem to be scrabbling around a bit Coors, in the face of some large declining brands, looking for that new star that offers growth.

I doubt this is it, nor Chrome, nor Animme.

The beards may crow but declining lager volumes are not met by an increase in ale volume.

Volume is declining across on and off trade, and declining volume closes pubs not supermarkets.

In suspect Coors will acquire rather than develop there next growth product.
StringersBeer said…
"Zest"? You wouldn't know whether to drink it or clean the kitchen floor with it. Worst. Name. Ever.
Anonymous said…
Is this going to be anything like Fosters Twist that came out a few years ago? I remember you could get vouchers entitling you to a free 4 pack from branches of Threshers. I think I drank one and poured the rest away. Quite possibly the worst thing to be put in a crown-capped bottle.

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