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Monday, 30 April 2012

In My Liverpool Home Pt 1

Liverpool is a great city for a beer crawl. And while there are many old favourites to be had, it’s evolving all the time. So in search of the old and new, a pub expedition was mounted to seek out and boldly go.

First stop was in the wild badlands of Birkenhead. Gallagher’s Bar brings the old concept of pubs serving more than just beer into the modern age. Frankie Gallagher and his wife Sue owned two barbers shops, but always wanted to have a pub. So when they moved in, they opened a barbers shop in the pub. Customers get a ticket and then can enjoy a pint as they wait. Pure genius, if you ask me.
Next up was the Stork Hotel on Price Street. This is looking rather isolated now and could do with a little TLC. Which is a shame as it’s a cracking CAMRA National Inventory pub that rivals some of the best. A traditional multi-roomer, it had a makeover in the early years of the last century. There’s some lovely Edwardian tiling (got ‘em at home, actually) and a fantastic mosaic floor.
Victoria Cross
The Victoria Cross on the corner of Victoria Street was a new one to me. It used to be an Australian theme pub called Ned Kellys. It’s now much improved and very modern with plenty of light coming in through the panoramic windows. The VC is part of the same group as the Richmond which has a similar layout, albeit on a smaller scale. The beer here was a little warm from, I think, lying in the pipes as, despite being busy, no one else seemed to be drinking cask beer.

Another new one was Bier. This small bar is in the Old Ropewalks part of town and was originally the Newington. Apparently it’s supposed to be “Camden style” (no, I don’t know what that is either) but it wouldn’t be out of place in Chorlton. Indeed, it was somewhat reminiscent of Pi and apart from serving pies, had Roosters going for £3.30 a pint.
A pit stop was then made at the excellent Egg cafe. This is the place in Liverpool for vegetarian food and serves up fresh, tasty treats from 0900-2230 every day. It was recommended by a carnivore who wishes to remain anonymous to save his street cred.

Shipping Forecast
Now, for those of you who thought that £3.30 was pushing the boat out, look away now. The Shipping Forecast on Slater St used to be Flares, the horrendous 70s themed bar. Now run by the same group who brought you Bungalows and Bears in Sheffield (no, I’ve not been either), it has low lighting and bare brick walls. It certainly has a pleasant chilled out vibe, but I’d expct no less when Otley Thai Bo is £3.80 a pint.

Next, the serious drinking begins...

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