Breakfast Beer Tasting: Brewdog HBC

And so to the last in the IPA is Dead range. Surprisingly this is not named after HSBC’s stock symbol on the New York Stock Exchange, but a new type of hop. So new that it hasn’t got a proper name yet, but is called Hope Breeding Company after the guys who brought us Simcoe. 

It poured light amber with good carbonation and a very small off-white head. The aroma was very pleasant: plenty of tropical fruit-passion fruit and pineapple in particular. The body seemed quite light and the mouthfeel was tangy. I got plenty of passion fruit, mandarin and mango in the taste with a medium bitterness level and a good, dry resinous finish.

I liked this. It was full of juicy flavours and delivered a clean tasting, interesting IPA. More fruity and tangy than bitter, the fruit sugar element does very well in disguising the alcohol level. I can see this working in combination with other hops, but here it stands proudly on its own.


Pintsandpubs said…
Tried this at Brewdog Camden the other day and enjoyed it. Apparently the new hop is a related to Simcoe and will soon be released commercially with the proper name 'Mosaic'.
Tyson said…
Interesting-I shall look out for it.

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