Breakfast Beer Tasting: Evil Twin Cats Piss

Can you imagine something more repulsive than the smell of cats piss? Not really - go on, open up and inhale the sharp nose of cats piss extracted from the heavenly dry hopped Nelson Sauvin.

So reads the blurb for this morning’s little treat. Controversy has raged over the name; some people have condemned it as being in the Top Totty puerile name league, while others have jumped to its defence.

Can Johnny Foreigner “craft” get away with it and not the British bulldog? I don’t know, but hell I like it. Simply because it affords me the opportunity to tell everyone I meet today that I have had cats piss for breakfast.

This is a dry-hopped IPA from Denmark’s Evil Twin brewery. I believe that the guy behind it is the twin brother of the brewer at Mikkeller, hence the name. It’s a 33cl bottle and is 6.5%. It poured a very cloudy deep amber and was very lively; the head was nothing short of massive. Aroma was unmistakeably Nelson, with plenty of tropical fruit on the nose.

The taste was more of the same. Pineapple and melon with perhaps some mango coming through in a refreshing hop bite. There was some hop resin that led to medium bitterness and the dry finish you’d expect with this kind of beer.

You really can’t (or shouldn’t be able to) go wrong with the Nelson Sauvin hop. It’s a classic thirst-quencher. Therefore, although I have come across better uses of it in other beers, you could do a lot worse than finding this on your breakfast table.


Erlangernick said…
Had a bottle a year or so ago. Meh. Typical continental-brewed IPA heavy yeastiness knocking everything else over. It was hoppy, sure, but also not clean enough.
Sue said…
Has it got elderflowers in it? Those usually smell of cat pee.
Tyson said…

Yeah not quite top draw, but yeast content tolerable in my sample.

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