Breakfast Beer Tasting: Fullers Mighty Atom

This is the latest venture in my ongoing quest to find that elusive “thirst-quenching” game-changing sub 3% beer. This one promises no less than five hops that should give us floral grapefruit and plum notes, but with a spicy overtone. It sounds good, but can it walk the walk?

It’s a half litre bottle and is the now de rigueur 2.8%. It’s copper coloured and had medium carbonation with a small off-white head. The aroma was pleasant enough; dough and sweet malt. Mouthfeel was, I suppose not unexpectedly, light. The beer is thin and it’s hard to disguise that.

There is definitely some bitterness there that raises hopes, but it never really gets going. That initial tingle dies off and ultimately you’re left with the impression of a watery beer. The slightly dry aftertaste is a false dawn. So, promising initially and far from being the worst of its type but, like them all so far, it fails at the last hurdle.

The search goes on.


Meer For Beer said…
I didn't find it too bad apart from the gassyness, so far it is my favourite of all the low ABV beers.
Tyson said…
That's probably a fair assessment. It's still not great, though, and the test I'm giving them is would I order one in the pub? And the answer, for me, is still no.

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