Brewdog v Diageo

Brewdog: they just won’t go away, will they? The latest press coverage concerns their attendance at the 2012 BII Scotland Annual Awards and their subsequent non-award. Allegedly. And, shock horror, this may actually be PR that they haven’t engineered. Whatever next? Or then again...well it is Brewdog. You can decide for yourself after reading about BD’s allegations here.


Cooking Lager said…

Has some wonderful bits in. "gimp-like establishment", "hammerheads and dumb ass corporate freaks"

We have yet to see Diageo or BII's response. Brewdog have form when it comes to seeing things through the prism of their own world view.

If BII Scotland confirm and corroborate there quotations then they have admitted sponsorship buys you a lot more than your logo slapped on things.

It damages BII Scotland more than Diageo whose brand value is within the product brands. It won't affect the sales of Blossom Hill wine.

So will BII Scotland do this?
Martyn Cornell said…
BHreaking news: here's Diageo's reply, courtesy of Marketing magazine:

"There was a serious misjudgement by Diageo staff at the [BII] awards dinner which does not reflect in anyway Diageo's corporate values and behaviour. We would like to apologise unreservedly to BrewDog and to the British Institute of Innkeeping for this error of judgement and we will be contacting both organisations imminently to express our regret for this unfortunate incident"
Martyn Cornell said…
My guess is that some fartwit said: "We can't have them win one of our awards, they don't stock Diageo beers in their bars, how embarrassing will that be for us?"

Not as embarrassing as it is now, obviously.
Simon said…
Cookie is right. This is tremendously damaging for the BII. It's incredible that they allowed this to happen and completely undermines their credibility. Diageo have been forced to make the usual apology but in real terms they are unaffected by it. The BII on the other hand need to think long and hard about their position and their relationship with sponsors.
Cooking Lager said…
Looking at the responses, Diageo have fessed up and apologised early and will limit the damage. Their brands are not well loved by those offended by their behaviour anyway and those that like their brands are uninterested in this.

What isn't clear in the Diageo statement is why they did it. As Martyn says it could be a cock up by a suit. Brewdog like to insinuate a conspiracy against their laughable craft beer revolution which will be swallowed by some.

BII on the other hand are left looking for a new sponsor for a tainted award ceremony.

The industry and observers are left thinking Brewdog look more trouble than their worth and the Brewdog conspiracy is on its way to being a self fulfilling prophesy. Inviting them invites a shit storm you can live without.
Cooking Lager said…
Another thought. Brewdog are known to be rude about big established companies. If you were a suit would you want to give them a platform to stand up and be rude about you? The suit might have thought they would accept the award and slag off the sponsor branding on it.
RedNev said…
I tend to think most awards are corrupt anyway. Brewdog delight in getting up other people's noses: now someone has got up theirs, they're acting all upset, while calculating on the back of a fag packet the value of all this free publicity. I wonder how far BII's corrupt handling of these awards is compatible with their charity status?

Liverpool CAMRA accepted sponsorship from Deuchars for their beer festival a year or two ago, and agreed to the condition that no local brewers would be present during the trade session, even though that is probably the session they'd most want to attend. Some of them were understandably very unhappy. This incident isn't an award but is nonetheless another example of equally ill-judged caving in under pressure.
Chris B said…
I couldn't believe this when I read it. The sheer arrogance of Diageo is mind boggling. Of course they have apologised but the genie is out of the bottle.
redste said…
RedNev is totally incorrect , Liverpool CAMRA did not limit the trade session at all. ALL the local breweries were on sale. OK only Deuchars was FREE.

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