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And talking of cheap beer; if a pint of industrial fizz is your thing, then you should book a holiday to Tajikstan. Sure it’s got a poor human rights record and is some 3300 miles away, but the lager is cheap. 29p a pint cheap, in fact. Which is ten times cheaper than the average pint in the UK.

If a trip to central Asia doesn’t float your boat-and the buses from Manchester are pretty infrequent-then try Panama. There you’ll only pay 2p more at 31p a pint. Then there’s Bhutan (south Asia) at 36p and Burundi (Africa) at 37p.

However, the research by also reveals the places to avoid. Top of the list is Greenland where you can expect to pay £7.35 for your favourite tipple. And Norway and Qatar will both fleece you to the tune of £6.

To aid you choice of this summer’s holiday:

The cheapest 10 places

Tajikistan £0.29 - Panama £0.31 - Bhutan £0.36 - Burundi £0.37 - North Korea £0.38 - Madagascar £0.38 - Myanmar £0.38 - Rwanda £0.38 - Philippines £0.42- Congo £0.44

The most expensive 10 places

Greenland £7.35 - Norway £6.07 - Qatar £6.00 - Djibouti £5.47 - Singapore £5.00 - Sweden £5.00 - United_Arab_Emirates £4.86- France £4.81 - Guadeloupe £4.80 - United Arab Emirates £4.77

Keen beer traveller Stewart Hoehnkem from Edinburgh summed it up: “Every time I return to the UK I end up crying into my beer as the price has rocketed again. Usually, I never pay more than £1 a pint when I’m abroad. I’ve never been to Tajikistan but now I’ve found out lager is just 29p a pint it is definitely next on my list.”


Sue said…
What's the comparison based on? Cheapest cans in the supermarket/pint of nationalised fizz in the pub? The guides to Latvia told me that beer was less than £1 a pint and it can be - but not if you want microbrew, then you'll pay around the same as over here.
Lee said…
It's based on a pint of draught lager. Not micro beer but the lowest common demoninator.
RedNev said…
Demoninator - hence the phrase "devil's brew"?

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