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Monday, 4 June 2012

And there's More

You wait ages for a binge drinking related story to come along and then three come at once. Coincidence that this all happens during the Jubilee celebrations? A conspiracy theorist might think otherwise.

Anyhow, the latest one to catch my eye is the report of a study that seems to suggest that it’s not what you drink, but how you drink it that matters. So whilst having two drinks a day for seven days is good for your heart; consuming the same amount over a weekend isn’t.

Commenting on the report, published in the American journal Atherosclerosis, research team leader Dr John Cullen said: “We still don’t understand why moderate alcohol consumption benefits cardiovascular health or how heavy drinking episodes hurt it.”

For those of you interested in the detail, the study worked like this. Mice were put on a typical high fat Western diet that can lead to blocked arteries, heart attacks and strokes. They were then split into moderate and binge drinking groups. The moderate drinkers saw a fall of 40% in “bad” cholesterol, but the binge drinking mice saw a rise of 20%.

Now before you ask, no, I don’t know what constitutes binge drinking amongst mice, either. Perhaps they took them to the pub and fed them double whisky? Obviously it makes sense; otherwise the papers wouldn’t print it. But I do have a crazy suggestion for next time: why not try a comparative study of human drinkers?


RedNev said...

Any figures on fatalities from increased blood pressure caused by reading such drivel?

Sean said...

Ooh you're such a cynic.