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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Kernel Red IPA

Another morning, another bottle of Kernel. I’ve tried various versions of IPA from single hopped to black and back again, but I’m not sure what Red is supposed to signify-apart from the colour, naturally.

It’s the usual 330ml bottle-conditioned and is 6%. It poured quite murky deep amber with a very large tan head. The hop aroma was not as pronounced as some of their other beers, but still had promising notes of citrus and marmalade.

Taste wise, it was medium bodied, but quite sticky on the palate. There’s some citrus with marmalade, tangerine and oily pine resin. However, there’s also a sour dough aftertaste that neuters the hop effect and leaves the finish short and unsatisfying.

By some other breweries standards, this would be considered solid, if unremarkable. By Kernel standards, it’s got to be seen as a decided disappointment as its cloying nature leaves the palate unfulfilled.

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Sustainable Alcoholic said...

Morning! I think that's an older Kernel judging by the label, so it might be that the hop character has just decreased with time.

With all Kernel beers, I think the fresher the better. Although I tend to allow for at least a week of them standing upright to settle out the sediment after I get them home.