Old Amsterdam

Old Amsterdam is an interesting twist on the traditional Gouda cheese and is considered something of a Dutch classic. The basics we know: only weekday milk-weekend milk isn’t as good-from Frisian Holstein cows is used. The magic then takes place with a number of master cheese makers slowly ripening it using a culture unique to the Westland family who produce it.

The result is an aged cheese that is unlike the dry, salty standard Gouda. This is firm and ripe with butter and walnut tones. One of the secrets of its success must be its tiny ripening crystals that are formed when bacteria interacts with lactic acid. These are found in some of my favourite Italian cheeses and are a sign of a well-aged product.

I grated it over pasta, but I’ve found it’s also excellent on its own with a good quality cheese biscuit.


RedNev said…
Not in the Tesco value range then?
Tyson said…
Probably not.
Tandleman said…
Looks a bit brine.
Ron Pattinson said…
I love the crystals. Didn't know why they were there. Nothing like a proper overjaarig kaas.
John Clarke said…
Completely agree.

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