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Monday, 18 June 2012

Sniff & Drink

Readers of a blog as cutting edge as this will be used to me breaking the big stories. Yes, it might be vanity, but I like to think that my mother and her senile pal can handle the shocking truth that I sometimes have to reveal. Today’s announcement is quite significant: alcohol is history. Well I’ve been saying it’s passé for some time now-it’s so Noughties, isn’t it? But now it looks like others are finally embracing the future as well.

American scientist and French designer Phillippe Starck have come up with the WA/HH spray. This is a small aerosol which will deliver the effects of alcohol without the boring bit; drinking. Edwards is based in Le Laboratoire in Paris where he and his staff work on their own vision of the future. That’s one where food and drink are delivered direct to the senses. Hence his use of terms such as “breathable food” and “aerosol cuisine”

The idea behind WA/HH is simple. There are times, according to Edwards, when people need the “light-headed distraction” that alcohol can provide, but without the side-effects and social stigma that over consumption can bring. The £16 lipstick-sized spray will deliver 20 shots of 0.0075ml of alcohol straight up your nose. This will, allegedly, give you the buzz but without the trouble. Certainly at around £1000 per unit of alcohol, you won’t be getting drunk on it.

So the future is out there. But it's not cheap.

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RedNev said...

With increasing beer tax, that's what we'll all be paying in five years.