Breakfast Beer Tasting: Kernel Black Rye

What better way to kick off Olympic Friday than with Kernel Black Rye? That’s my thinking, anyway. But hold on, don’t you consider rye the work of the devil and something that usually spoils a perfectly good beer? And what’s it doing in a Black IPA? All good points; answers on a postcard addressed to Kernel, please.

Actually if anyone should be able to harness the alleged positive properties of rye, it’s the Kernel gang. Unfortunately, it took some work to get to the beer. This bottle wasn’t just lively, it was a froth bomb. When it did settle down, the aroma was a mix of pine, coffee and grapefruit.

The mouthfeel was dry and the taste hid the 7.1% vol quite well. There’s roast malt, pepper and chocolate in there balanced by a slightly herbal hop undertone. The finish was medium dry with a roast twist. It’s not the best Kernel beer, nor the best Black IPA, but they’ve managed to rein the rye in enough to make it worth having a bottle or two.


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