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Friday, 20 July 2012

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Kernel Columbus Motueka Stella IPA

It’s Friday. Your jockstrap has seen better days and your palate is flagging. It’s time to pop open some Kernel and get ready for the weekend...

This is the standard 330ml Kernel bottle with the now almost iconic understated label. It’s 7.1% and caught my eye by throwing Stella in the mix. This is a new(ish) Australian hop that is well suited for use in lagers and pilsners. However, I’ve found it less impressive when showcased in single hop beers and was of the opinion it would be better as part of a blend. So here we are.

It poured hazy amber with a good off-white head and reasonable carbonation. The aroma was pungent, with the expected citrus and tropical fruit notes, but also some earthy, herbal flavours. I’m presuming that’s the Stella?

The taste was more of the same. A quite silky texture was packed with plenty of citrus and tropical hops. Pineapple, mango, grapefruit all came through but were held back by a definite floral undertone; Stella, I’m guessing again. There was also a slight anise tang at the back of the throat. This gave way to a medium dry aftertaste.

Another interesting Kernel beer. The tripartite combination works well; with Stella cutting through the citrus flavours to deliver a fuller, more rounded IPA than you might expect.

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