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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Do you mean Wetherspoons?

My local Wetherspoons is proudly displaying a large new Good Beer Guide poster in the window. And it’s not alone. Spoons up and down the land are proudly flaunting their entry in the GBG. Which is great...Except for the slight spelling mistake. Recriminations are flying round for this embarrassing blunder, but I think the buck must ultimately stop with Weatherspoons (sic) publicity dept. Doesn’t anyone check these things before they are sent out? They've promised to get back to me, but I bet someone will be getting a slap on the wrist from Tim.


Nate Dawg said...

The worst non-proof reading I have ever seen was in this year's City of Ale brochure.

Whoever created this thing really really deserves to be fired.

The brochure had a list of every single beer featured in City of Ale with pictures of pump clips next to them. Most of the pumpclips were wrong. For example; All of the Woodfordes beers had an Adnams pump clip next to them - This was certainly the worst since Woodfordes were one of the main sponsors!

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Tyson said...

That is sloppy!

RedNev said...

Kwite funny, reelly.

Craig said...

Most likely Camra's fault.

RedNev said...

Yes, of course - CAMRA, the Damien Thorn of the beer world.

Craig said...

How do you know? it might have been camra that put the poster up. Just saying.

RedNev said...

It's a Wetherspoons poster, not a CAMRA one. Just saying.

Steve Lamond said...

to be pedantic its wetherspoon (no "s"!, short for JD Wetherspoon. You could potentially say wetherspoons when talking about multiple pubs. They got that part right at least

Tyson said...

Whilst it's true that Wetherspoon is actually the plural of Wetherspoon, people tend to use the term "Spoons" as it sounds better. Hence my use of Wetherspoons.

RedNev said...

To be really pedantic, people say Wetherspoons as they sometimes do when referring to businesses. It's not the plural: it's the possessive, but often without the apostrophe, as the 's' is treated as though it's part of the name. Other examples: Woolworths, W.H.Smiths.

I've never heard anyone say, "I'm going to Wetherspoon".