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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Camden Hells Lager

I found this bottle propping up the remains of the pizza box this morning and it was obviously intended as a nightcap. However, it does offer itself up now for a breakfast beer tasting. This will be at room temperature, and not chilled as recommended, but it’s all the better for that, I think.

It’s 330ml and 4.6%. It poured a pale gold with reasonable carbonation and a medium off-white head. There wasn’t much on the nose: some sweet malt and a little buttery tone. This followed through in the flavour; with a little grain thrown in. The body was light-medium and served chilled, I’m guessing it would be quite crisp. The finish is short with a slight sweet malt aftertaste.

There are no complex flavours to be analysed here and it’s possibly not going to be the first beer on your shopping list. However, it stood up surprisingly well to being warmed up and, served chilled, it probably fills its niche as a superior rival to mainstream lager.


James Beaver said...

glad to know breakfast beer is worldwide

Tyson said...

It's an ancient British tradition.

@Brew2bottle said...

Do certain types of beer lend themselves to breakfast drinking?

Tyson said...

That's a good question. Everyone will have their own preference, but I find that something that isn't too heavy on the palate is best. IPAs do well, but anything too alcoholic can be a struggle.