Breakfast Kernel Beer Tasting: Export Stout London 1890

Today’s little early morning appetiser is an Export Stout based on, wait for it, an 1890 recipe. So that clears that up. It’s the standard 330ml bottle-conditioned form and is 7.2%.

It poured very lively and eventually settled for very dark with a large tan head. The aroma was strong with plenty of roast malt, coffee and chocolate. There seemed to be a bit of vanilla in there as well.

The texture was quite oily with a well balanced mix of dark flavours. There’s coffee, liquorice and chocolate alongside some dark fruit and a hint of smoke at the back. These flavours give way to a bitter (think 80%+) dark chocolate aftertaste.

Whilst it didn’t exactly set my Monday morning on fire, it’s certainly an accomplished effort. So if you’re looking for an 1890 Export Stout, this is the one to go for.


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