Breakfast Kernel Beer Tasting: Galaxy IPA

The weekend kicks off with this single-hop offering from the London hopmeisters. Galaxy is one of those Australian hops that brewers like to bang in IPAs to give them some oomph; so a single-hop version should do very nicely.

It’s 7.2% and comes in 330ml bottle-conditioned form. It poured a hazy burnt orange with a small off-white head and a strong, pleasing aroma of tropical and citrus: grapefruit and passion fruit. The beer itself was medium bodied and full of grapefruit, pineapple and mango. It starts off quite smooth and then the bitterness washes over the tongue

This is an excellent hoppy IPA. The clean citrus/tropical flavours burst through and continue through to the bitter finish. Not only good for hopheads, but also for those interested in what single-hop beers can deliver.


Erlangernick said…
Brewed my half-IPA a bit with Galaxy last year and was unimpressed, at least compared to the classic citric hops and Citra. This year's, though, is quite lovely. Would love to try some fresh Kernel.
Tyson said…
I think well suited to IPAs and there have been some good uses of it over here. However, Citra is...well, Citra:)
Tandleman said…
Had a half of Kernal IPA on keg yesterday. I had thought it to be something else but the blackboard hadn't been changed. It was 6.5% and just called IPA.

Muddy, imprecise, not clean flavours except harsh citrus and obvious alcohol. A dumper really, but at £7 a pint I forced it down.

Not everything done that well it seems.
Connor said…
That doesn't sound like Kernel. What you have to realise is that there are many reasons why poor beer may be served to customers. It is not always the fault of the brewer.
Tandleman said…
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