Breakfast Kernel Beer Tasting: India Brown Ale

This dark and wet Bank Holiday sees our journey to the dark side of Kernel beers continue with India Brown Ale. Not to be confused with the Newcastle variety, this is based, I believe, on a recipe for the brown ales that used to be brewed for the Indian market.

It’s 330ml, bottle-conditioned and weighs in at 5.6%. I think this is a weaker version of an earlier batch, as I seem to recall that being over the 7% mark. It poured predictably dark with a large tan head. The aroma was a distinct mix of roast malts and coffee.

The mouthfeel was smooth and initial impressions were that it was very Porter like. There’s roast malt, some chocolate, and a dark fruit character about it. I would imagine that this is similar to, but easier on the palate than, the original version as its creamy nature would be hard to duplicate in a stronger beer.
A pleasant enough, if not the most exciting, Kernel beer.


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