Breakfast Kernel Beer Tasting: Porter

This morning we find ourselves once more on the dark side of Kernel. Kernel Porter; to be exact. It’s a big boy’s Kernel bottle-500ml instead of the usual 300ml and weighs in at a bottle-conditioned 5.5%. Not as lively as some Kernel bottles, it poured a very dark brown/almost black with a medium tan head. The aroma was intriguing: hints of coffee, roast malt and chocolate.

The taste took me somewhat by surprise. Yes, it’s well balanced with a smooth texture. And, yes, it’s got roast malt, chocolate and black fruit-blackberries?-swilling round in there. But there’s also a surprising almost hop like sharpness that puckers the lips. This really lifts the beer and adds to the dry roast finish.

I really enjoyed this one. It was well balanced and full of clean flavours that made it very easy to drink.


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