Breakfast Kernel Beer Tasting: Wheat

Something for the weekend sir? Well what about a wheat beer from Kernel? Yes, a wheat beer. Forget the dark side and forget the hop bombs; this is Kernel on its kinky side. Ah, but hold on, this is an American wheat beer. It’s brewed with Columbus and Simcoe. Phew, that’s OK then.

Kernel don’t make wheat beer for Boy Scouts. This is a man-size 500ml bottle and weighs in at 5.2%. It poured with good carbonation to form a hazy golden hue with a large white head. The aroma was strong citrus hops-lemon, grapefruit etc with a little freshly cut grass for good measure.

Taste wise, it was medium bodied with plenty of initial bitterness. There are lots of citrus flavours: orange, lemon and grapefruit, but also grass and, once the bitterness subsides, a touch of wheat. The finish is mainly dry with a little sweetness right at the death.

This is a strange one. It’s not like any wheat beer I’ve had before. In fact, it’s not really a wheat beer at all as it lacks sufficient, erm, wheat to be classed as such. It’s actually more of an American Pale Ale. However, I liked it and, served chilled, it would be quite refreshing.


Saveur Bière said…
Kernel very good brewery !

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