Yorkshire brewery Roosters have been a fixture on the micro brewing scene for nearly 20 years now. They started with a bang and, under Sean Franklin, beers such as Yankee soon became classics. In recent times, with changes in personnel, consistency has been something of an issue.

However, under the new team of twin brothers Tom & Ollie Fozard, things seem to be getting back on track. Monday evening gave Port Street regulars the chance to meet the duo and, of course, try some of their beers.

Buckeye (3.5%)
Named after a rare breed of chicken originating from Ohio; this pale ale is brewed with a combination of American and New Zealand hops. Sadly, this was the big disappointment of the night. Yes, there was some citrus there, but a harsh grain texture spoilt it for many people.

Wild Mule (3.9%)
I’ve become well acquainted with this beer over the years as it often features in my local. So I was pleased to find that this was actually an improvement over past batches. Clean tasting with plenty of gooseberry and white wine flavour from the Nelson Sauvin hops, this went down very well.

PS I Love You (6.1%)
PS I Love You
This was a six hop IPA, named after the Beatles song, especially brewed for the Port St event. There was much talk of “balance” in the description of this beer, but that was lacking in the actual taste. Residual sugar made this too sweet and with the alcohol peeking through; it really didn’t deliver as an IPA.

However, it was well matched with some lovely Wensleydale cheese which took the edge off it.

Londinium (5.5%)

This was a dark beer that was a nod to the beers of yesteryear, particularly the Porters of London. Plenty of coffee and roast malt flavours here for lovers of this style. It was very well matched with Farrah’s of Harrogate Vanilla Cream and Caramelised Nut Chocolate which was terrific.

The Accomplice (5.7%)
This is a collaboration brew with Odell with no expense spared. And it shows. This makes full use of its six hops and the Odell influence comes through loud and clear. Best described as a classic American IPA: it was bursting with pine and floral notes with a good hop kick. Excellent and my favourite beer of the night

A post drink-drink was had in Common where we came across the unusual scenario of Hawkshead Windermere Pale served a la diacetyl style. Well it can happen to anyone, it appears. Luckily the Marble Arch came to the rescue with some refreshing pints of Draft that really packed a lot of tropical fruit flavours in a supping strength Bitter. 


Tandleman said…
Another mixed bag?
Tyson said…
Only 2/5 dodgy, so mainly good.

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