The Drink Driving Pill

There has been somewhat of a media outcry today about the launch of a pill that claims to be able to beat the breathalyser test. Supplier Arthur Kibble, whom admits to having had a drink-driving conviction, claims that a motorist on the limit can reduce their alcohol reading to almost zero.

The ALCO-PAL tablet, produced in India and already banned in the USA, allegedly works by lowering the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. This in turn reduces the level of alcohol expelled by the lungs, thereby producing a false breathalyser result. Its main ingredient is simethicone which is routinely prescribed to treat digestive discomfort.

It’s important to note that these tablets will not prevent you getting drunk and Mr Kibble does say: “I am not advocating motorists get blind drunk and then try to drive. And I must stress that these tablets do nothing to improve the performance of a driver who has been drinking.”  

However, it does seem irresponsible to be selling such a product-whether they actually work or not. They could easily engender a false sense of security and you can just imagine someone taking more than the recommended dose in a vain attempt to get away with driving after a skinful.

I would imagine the authorities are looking at getting this product banned ASAP.


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RedNev said…
I can remember in the 70s there was an insurance policy that covered you against losing your licence. If you did, it would provide you with a driver for the duration of your ban.

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