Oktoberfest: To Snort Or Not To Snort?

Thanks to Arthur Daley for pointing me to this great Friday story...

Organisers at this year’s Oktoberfest have said nein to an idea for barmaids in low cut dresses to sell fake cocaine to customers. This has spoilt the plans of businessman Wolfgang Stanek, who says he invented 'Wiesn Cocaine' - or festival cocaine - especially for the Munich beer festival.

Mr Stanek claims that the sealed £5 sachets contain nothing stronger than sugar and menthol, which give a natural high when punters snort it through a supplied straw. He explained: “We are anti drugs. Our mixture just gives drunks a little shake to wake them up.”

However, the authorities were less than impressed and plan to ban its sale amid fears that it will distract customers from the beer and make it harder to spot real drug users. A spokesman said: “We don't want cocaine, nor do we want a sugar mixture which looks like cocaine. We just want guests to enjoy our beer, nothing else.”

I really must try and get some for next time I pop down the local.


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