Breakfast Beer Tasting: Brewdog Alpha Dog

This is an existential Red Ale. No I don’t know what that is, either. But it’s Brewdog, innit? It’s actually brewed for the Norwegian market; make of that what you will.

This is a very reasonable 4.5% and comes in the standard 330ml bottle. It poured amber with a small off-white head. The aroma was very subdued: a little citrus and some sweet malt. Taste wise, it was also surprisingly subdued. There’s some caramel, a little red berry fruit and a tinge of a dry hop bite.

Look around carefully before whispering it, but this is, dare I say it, a rather dull beer. Not a bad beer, but substantially lacking in substance. Now I know the Norwegians don’t have a particular craving for dull beer, so I’m not sure what the story is here. But if you come to this looking for a Brewdog ass kicking, this isn’t for you.


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