Bury's Micro Boom

Many bloggers (well me, anyway) have long hailed Bury as one of the great unsung brewing towns of Britain. Because, despite being one of the smallest metropolitan boroughs in the country, it can boast no less than four breweries already. And that figure looks likely to at least double in the coming months.

Yes, Bury looks set to become, according to at least one leading blogger (me again) the Burton upon Trent of the North West. It already has Outstanding, Brightside, Irwell Works and Leyden. Deeply Vale should soon be in production and the proprietor of the First Chop has acquired brewing premises. And then there is the Clarence brewpub to open its doors as well.

But first we must welcome Ramsbottom Craft Brewery which has snuck in under the radar and is already up and running. Under the watch of brewer and owner Matt Holmes, the beers are gaining quite a following locally and are regularly available in the Major pub in Ramsbottom.

At this rate, how long before Bury overtakes Portland as the world’s beer capital? Remember you read it here first.


RedNev said…
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RedNev said…
And I remember Bury when it was a one horse town: JW Lees.

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