A Knight To Remember

I’ve been asked to recap this little trip to our fair capital as, unlikely as it seems, several of the reprobates involved may have had the odd drink or two. Apparently this has clouded their memory of some of the hostelries involved. The exception being the Lamb & Flag: possibly something to do with the clag-hair pulling gymnastic display that we witnessed there. 

So, as a public service, here’s a summary of our itinerary. Both Craft and the Euston Tap featured at the beginning and the end of the adventure with Magic Rock soothing the palate here. The impressive Parcel Yard at King’s Cross got a look in as did the snob screens in the Lamb. The Hat & Tun was very disappointing, but the Seven Stars and the Gunmakers were both on good form.

A new discovery and one worth revisiting is the Queens Head on Acton St. This smart, one-roomed boozer had a good selection on both draught and in bottle and with a barmaid from Portland, what more could you ask for? The first visit to Kernel brewery in its new location is also one that will be repeated; if only to top up the bottle collection.

First timers had their eyes opened at Ye Olde Mitre, while at the Harp it was more of a case of eyes closed for some. There was a good crawl of Borough with the Wheatsheaf. Market Porter, Brew Wharf and the Rake all delivering the goods. There was also a seemingly never ending queue of people wanting to have their photo taken with a big fake foam cock. Maybe it’s a London thing?

Special mention must go to the Old Fountain where, despite the inclement weather, we made full use of the rooftop terrace. Venturing inside to explore some of the excellent beers available during their beer festival, we were also treated to some rather good live music. And the Penderel’s Oak has to be praised for revitalising us with their breakfast. Well, for those of us who could manage breakfast.

I could mention the Stella on the clipper and someone being sick in Craft, but the Human Rights Act prevents me from doing so.

The planning for the reunion next year starts here...


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