There’s a new kid on the block in Chorlton and it’s called the Beagle. Situated on the site of the former Scotts Hill, but probably better known in its former incarnation as Charango, this Beagle has a pedigree. Yes, it’s the latest outlet from the guys behind Common and the Port Street Beer House.

Each of their pubs has its own identity and the Beagle is unashamedly (modern) British in outlook. This can be seen in the range of drinks and its very promising food menu. The full details can be found on their website.
Now it’s fair to say that the Beagle wasn’t quite ready when the Beerhound first called. It’s still something of a work in progress-the telephone wasn’t even connected yet-but it’s clearly an impressive operation.
The second visit went much better: well there was beer for a start! Both the house beers tried were excellent and with the familiar face of Will, from the PSBH, at the helm, it’s clear that the Beagle will soon be an integral part of the Chorlton scene.
I look forward to visiting again shortly for a longer wining and dining session


Mark said…
But does Chorlton need another pub?
Tyson said…
Everyone knows that you can't have too many pubs. Anyway, it's a replacement for one, so technically there's no change. But if you mean, do we need another PSBH type, then the answer is yes.

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