Christmas Eve Breakfast Beer Tasting: Kernel Citra, Motueka, Chinook

It’s time to really get into that Christmas groove and sharpen the palate for later today. So we return to the Kernel and another of their triple hop whammies. This one comes in the usual 330ml Kernel house style bottle and is 7% by volume.

It poured hazy amber with a perfectly formed white head. The aroma was delightful: plenty of exotic and ripe citrus fruits and a touch of pine. Taste wise, it was medium-bodied and tangy. Mango, peach, grapefruit and lemon, it’s all in here. And just a touch of floral/herbal tanginess that I think must come from the Motueka.

This is a perfectly blended IPA that fizzes over the tongue and leads to a pleasingly bitter finish. I found it very refreshing-it doesn’t drink like 7%-and the perfect appetiser for today’s merriment.


Paul Bailey said…
I'm looking forward to sampling the Kernel Four Hop India Pale Ale I picked up in Canterbury the other week. I'll probably leave that pleasure until tomorrow, as it's getting on in the evening and I feel an Old Ale coming on.

Have a good Christmas, and plenty of cheese!

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