Top of the Pops

Some cheering news before Crimbo as the latest blog rankings see me creep back into the top 40 hit parade for the first time in awhile. Looking at the readership, I see that, outside of the UK, most readers are in the USA and Germany. My Cossack brethren in Russia and the Ukraine account for a sizeable batch and there are obviously some very discerning readers in Israel.

The search terms that drive people here always make for interesting reading. Surprising, but related terms: “you aren’t getting shit for Christmas” and “santa taking a shit” got me thinking, but “unicorn body hair” just left me perplexed. I can’t recall mentioning any such thing in a blog post and can only imagine what would happen to my rankings if I actually did.

Christmas is coming
The goose is getting fat
But I’m a vegetarian
So that’s enough of that.


wee beefy said…
If nothing else, its been worth writing a blog just for the search terms. I blame Yandex serach engine. Some seriously disturbed people seem to use that....
Tyson said…
Aye and it's opened my eyes to a wealth of internet browsers that I've never even heard of.

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