Unicorn Body Hair

No, I’m sorry; this isn’t about unicorn body hair. Ha. Made you look, though. This is actually an update about London. Or Landahn as good queen Bess likes to call it. I recently had the pleasure of once more perusing its golden streets in search of some new hostelries. And, naturally, pay homage to some old favourites.

Craft is, of course, the brand that has been taking London by storm in recent times. They’ve now opened another two outlets, both excellent in terms of choice (Fyne Jarl was the anointed one), but different in style. Their Brixton outpost is reminiscent of Leather Lane, a cosy, modern corner-fronted pub with nice views of the adjacent market.
Craft in Islington has a different vibe; with its front bar and distinctive coloured rooms. Islington, never too shabby on the pub front, is now setting the standard for new openings. The Pig and Butcher is packing them in with its gourmet food offerings but even they, like everywhere else visited locally, are paying more than a nod to the beer side of things.
I really liked the Earl of Essex. Its wraparound bar and beer board made a very good impression, despite it being crammed to the ceiling. I can see myself spending a bit of time in there at a quieter time. The same goes for the North Pole. This is another beer heavyweight; boasting an excellent range that, not so long ago, would have been unheard of in the capital.
Of course, no London trip is complete without a visit to the Euston Tap-where the delights of Summer Wine awaited. The Old Fountain was also as reliable as ever and delivered Oakham Citra which was enjoyed on their splendid rooftop terrace. And quality time was spent at Kernel supping their Columbus, Tomahawk, Zeus infusion.
So, another quality visit that leaves lots of possibilities for more exploration next time.


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