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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Kernel Black VI

Today’s breakfast treat is a Kernel special. The Black VI is a black IPA that comes in at 6.3% and is a bottle-conditioned 330ml.

It poured a very dark, almost black, brown with a good off-white head and plenty of carbonation. Now, the best black IPAs are fun as we tend to drink with our eyes, but these send out mixed messages. This is a classic in that respect; the aroma is strong citrus-grapefruit dominated, but with a subtle hint of coffee to give the game away.

The roast coffee flavour comes through strongly in the first round of tasting as it imparts a high level of bitterness. This is quickly followed by a powerful burst of spicy, grapefruit hop that really complements the darker flavours and leads to a satisfying, dry 

This is a perfectly constructed black IPA that delivers the best of both worlds.

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