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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Ramsbottom Craft Brewery Noelweizen

This morning we’re sticking with the German theme in the shape of a locally brewed Hefeweizen. Bottled Hefeweizens are top-fermented, unfiltered, and bottle-conditioned wheat beers. They have a noticeable yeast sediment and a cloudy appearance. This 6%, 500ml, offering says it’s a traditional Hefeweizen, so that’s what I’m expecting.

It was extremely lively and poured a very hazy amber with a monster beige head. The aroma was mellow fruit, banana and pear drops. This led on into the taste-which didn’t seem 6%-with bubblegum, a little vanilla, and banana the dominant flavours. The finish was sweet fruit and a trailing off bubblegum residue.

I’m not sure about this one: the banana flavour wasn’t as pronounced as I was expecting from the bottle label, but it did possess other characteristics of the style. I think I will have to try this again. It would be interesting to see it trialled as a seasonal cask ale. 

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